My passion for Airplanes and Helicopters started when I was four years old, I was given a 4” toy plane by one of my uncles, it was red and made of thin metal. That plane meant the world to me, it sparked a flame in my heart that never went out.

As I got older, it was onto admiring other people’s RC Helicopters and Planes. As a teenager I couldn’t afford to get one of my own so I just looked on with amazement as the boys in my neighborhood played with theirs.

That passion never faded, it continued as I grew into adulthood, the sound of Boeing and Airbus jet engines vibrated my heart and the hearts of every other plane spotters standing under the flight path of the FedEx, UPS, Delta and other jets as they crossed Interstate 95 to land at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport just a few hundred feet in front of us.

Today, every plane I see means people are traveling to somewhere, some far-off beautiful destination or simply to a regional location. They are taking to the skies.

In celebration of traveling I’ve created Flightag, a global travel brand that creates Travel and Aviation themed clothing, industry news and flight deals that offer Big savings on flights and hotels in 120,000 destinations worldwide.

Traveling makes us feel happier!

Flightag.com is based in the vacation capital of the world, sunny Orlando Florida home of Disney World and Universal Studios. Sometimes we get to see NASA and Elon Musk SpaceX rockets taking off from Cape Canaveral. It is an amazing site to see in person.

Welcome aboard Flightag.com
– Flightag Founder