SWISS International Air Lines Takes Delivery Of Its First Airbus A320neo

Swiss International Air Lines takes delivery of its first A320neo
Courtesy: Airbus

SWISS International Air Lines takes delivery of its first Airbus A320neo in a ceremony at Zurich Airport. This is the first of 25 A320neo Family aircraft ordered by SWISS International Air Lines.

SWISS welcomes its first Airbus A320neo
Courtesy: SWISS

The new arrival was formally welcomed to the SWISS fleet and named “Engelberg”.

The Airbus A320neo arrived in Zurich at 10:57 today, it took off earlier from Airbus’s Hamburg-Finkenwerder works airport in northern Germany.

“Our new Airbus A320neo family aircraft will substantially further reduce the average age of the SWISS aircraft fleet,” says SWISS CEO Thomas Klühr. “Once they are all delivered, our aircraft’s average age will be one of the youngest in Europe at around nine years. These billion-franc investments will further enhance our environmental credentials, too,” Klühr continues, “because operating an advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft fleet is one of the most effective means of all of reducing the ecological impact of aviation activities.”

The SWISS A320neo aircraft official registration number is HB-JDA.

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